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Welcome to Sunshine Learning Center

The sun rising marks the beginning of a new day; a start of a new journey to what could hopefully be a successful life. Our center is aptly named after this majestic celestial body as it is our goal for each of our student’s to shine their brightest in life, to be role models as kids and to grow as fine examples of adults in their future. We provide the educational foundation that allows young children to grow and develop in all aspects of learning – the physical, psychological, social, and emotional.

We call on parents and guardians of our community to commence your partnership with us today. It is our duty to earn your trust and to work together with you in building a solid foundation for educating the youth. Give us a call at 973-553-1048 or send an email to

  • 5 days – 8 hours for $180
  • Accepting 4Cs
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We aim to be among the leading providers of early childhood education and childcare in our communities – to be the parents’ first choice.

About Us

Meet OurFaculty

Meet the friendly State-Licensed and Certified Teachers behind our center’s success.

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Everything you will learn about our center can be found in the Parent’s Handbook.

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Tour OurFacility

Take a tour of the safe and clean grounds of our center today!

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Programs We Offer

  • Infant

    We start them young! Our infant care program begins your child’s learning journey on an excellent note.

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  • Toddler

    Encouraging curiosity, exploration, and social interaction with our Toddler Care Program!

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  • Pre K

    We equip your child with the skills and knowledge to perform at their very best in the formal learning environment of kindergarten.

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  • After School

    Because quality learning continues even after the bell rings!

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Child Education and Safety at Their Best Photo Gallery

Have a look at all the fun and learning that goes on in our center. Partner with us today and send your own photos to add to the gallery!

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